Frontier 30

Frontier 30 1-6x24
L4A Dot
Frontier 30 1-6x24 L4A Dot

Frontier 30 1-6x24
Circle Dot
Frontier 30 1-6x24 Circle Dot

Our flagship riflescopes designed to give shooters ultimate flexibility in the field.

The index matched lenses set the Frontier apart from its rivals. Exceptional clarity throughout the field of view, together with crisp image transmission ensure an unsurpassed viewing experience.

The optical system with its wide magnification range, provides increased flexibility when transitioning between close and long range shooting.

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    The 30mm mono-tube chassis, machined from high grade aluminium, comes with two turret styles. Zero Lock 'n' Stop turrets (Patent Pending) are resettable, lockable and feature a state of the art return to zero feature. They are exposed giving ease of access and offer a tactical design. The low-profile, capped turrets provide accurate and precise adjustments, while still retaining a compact and efficient design securely hidden beneath low-profile dust caps.

    Second Focal Plane models include the all new Mil Pro reticle which uses true mil spacing at 10 on the 2.5-1550 model and 20 on the 4-2450 and 5-3056 models and is designed with half mil indicators and multiple aim points. The LR Dot reticle has been designed around the ballistic profile of common hunting cartridges.