• Vantage 223/308
    Dedicated for AR Platforms
    Wide Angle optical system, with a reticle
    specifically designed for .223 / .308
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  • 350 Legend
    The fastest straight walled cartridge ever made
    now has the perfect optical partner.
    Straight out of the box accuracy
    with a reticle designed for Winchester .350 Legend.
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  • Frontier ED X
    Immerse yourself in Superior Vision
    Frontier ED X produces stunning colour retention
    crisp definition and excellent light transmission.
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  • Hawke Life
    A lifestyle hub for the
    outdoor enthusiast.
    Featuring tips, techniques & advice from
    passionate sporting men and women.
  • Crossbow Scopes
    We didn't invent crossbow scopes...
    ...we perfected them.
    with stunning image reproduction.
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  • FFP Riflescopes
    First focal plane (FFP)
    Constant, accurate hold-over points.
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Hawke Life

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