Endurance 30 WA





Hunting is serious business. If your optics havenít been specifically designed with hunting in mind, can you trust them when the time comes to take the shot?

The Endurance line of scopes feature chassis and reticle designs that have been explicitly engineered for everything from varmint to big game hunting.

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    Our brand new Wide Angle optical system boasts a stunning field of view aimed to give you the best sight possible, while keeping an important 4 inch/102mm eye relief. All 30mm models feature a specialist erector system, maximizing internal stability.

    The Endurance family also showcases unique ballistic reticle designs. The new LRC reticle provides aim points to match centrefire ballistics, simply choose the magnification to suit your cartridge. The Marksman reticle takes advantage of the shared ballistic profile of the popular .223 and .308 varmint and big game rounds to deliver out-of-the-box accuracy with aim points out to 700 yards/640 metres. If metric measurements are preferred, simply reduce the magnification to suit.

    Ian Harford

    Ian Harford // Team Wild TV

    High in the mountains or deep in the forest, on the range or in the field; I demand quality, functionality and dependability from my optics Ė often my life depends upon it