350 Legend Riflescopes

The fastest straight walled cartridge ever made now has the perfect optical partner.

Straight out of the box accuracy with a reticle designed for Winchester .350 Legend.

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    The .350 Legend Scope by Hawke, has been designed to work in synergy with the all new .350 Legend ammunition offering from Winchester. With a straight wall design, this cartridge is legal to hunt with in states which require straight wall ammunition to harvest game.

    Our BDC LEGEND Reticle scope takes out the work when engaging from different distances. With crystal clear, and precise hold over points the Hawke 350 Legend scope allows the shooter the time needed to focus on proper and ethical shot placement.

    The 350 LEGEND reticle has been calibrated to allow for precision shots out to 300 yards, all while maintaining an exceptional field of view and 4 of eye relief. The 350 legend delivers impressive ballistic returns with soft recoil, lots of energy, and wide array of ammo offerings -due to these and other positive factors prepare for the 350 legend to become a common name in the deer woods.

Side Focus And Illumination Rheostat

Precise Side Focus adjustment to infinity ensures accuracy is maintained. The rheostat operates brightness settings for the red reticle illumination.

Wide Angle Optical System

Wider than ever before, the Wide Angle optical system creates a breathtaking image that gives full edge to edge clarity. Seeing is believing.

Fast Focus Ocular Adjustment with 4″ Eye Relief

The apparent field of view is complemented further by a fine outer ocular assembly, making the enlarged target image almost float in front of your eye.

Low-profile 1⁄4 Moa Fingertip Turrets

Low profile ‘no-snag’ fingertip turrets with caps are precision engineered to deliver consistent and repeatable 1⁄4 MOA click adjustments.

Tactical Locking Turrets

Push-pull locking and resettable turrets with positive clicks. Two variants – 1⁄4 MOA with 15 MOA per revolution or 1/10 MRAD with 6 MRAD per revolution.

Illumination Rheostat

The rheostat operates reticle illumination in red. A multi stage brightness control allows a range of settings to suit shooting from dawn until dusk.

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  • Lens
  • Zoom Ring
  • Flip-up Lens Cover

Hawke 350 Legend Riflescopes


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