Trail Cameras

⅓ sec trigger speed…
Model shown: 46102 14MP
Nature CamerasNature Cameras

IR LED Illuminators

Detection Indicator Light

Light Sensor

Night Camera

Day Camera

PIR Sensor

The camera has three PIR sensitivity settings: 'H' (high), 'M' (medium) and 'L' (low). The PIR switch is located under the display screen. If you want the camera to detect long distance targets or small animals, use the high sensitivity setting.

Colour LCD Screen

Screen navigational buttons

PIR Sensitivity

Mode Selection

DC-in Jack

Camera Tripod Socket

Temperature Sensor & Microphone

USB Port

SD Card Slot

The maximum capacity for the camera’s SD card is 32GB.

...Automatic photo & video capture.


Hawke nature cameras are designed to capture images and videos in remote locations

Colour LCD Screen

Display screen to edit settings in the field with selectable resolution for photos and video.

PIR Sensors

An array of infrared LEDs allow you to take pictures at night when wildlife is most active. The cameras are activated by a wide angle PIR sensor that detects movement, this triggers the camera and captures any wildlife within the camera’s field of view.

Trail Cameras

Trigger Speed
IR LEDs / Range